//RAIL MILLING: Services to reset the rail life

Rhomberg Sersa Rail Milling Services are suitable for preventive, corrective and restorative rail maintenance tasks.

Typical defects like gauge corner cracking (GCC), spalling, shelling, corrugation, wheelburns etc. will be completely removed resulting in a perfectly smooth, low noise surface finish. Rail life will increase significantly.

For this process we use the unique Linsinger milling and grinding process for the machining of rails.

In only one pass rail surface damage is removed and the rail profile is restored to the desired target profile. This achieved by circumferential milling combined with circumferential grinding. 


  • Clean Technology – Spark and dust free process. No fire hazard no pollution of sensitive areas.
  • One pass process – on turnouts and normal track
  • Extension of rail life – damage removal and profile restoration to reset the clock for rail exchange
  • Added Value – recycling of collected chips as a reusable resource. No environmental contamination or fire hazard.
  • Quality control – On-board longitudinal and transverse profile measurements as well as eddy current measurements as starting point for predictive maintenance. 
Rail condition after one milling pass