// Further Successful Grinding Project for Rhomberg Sersa Rail Canada

After the first successful project for the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) last December, Rhomberg Sersa Rail Canada was commissioned to undertake further grinding works on their streetcar network throughout the city.

The grinding team and hi-rail grinder Grail1 started work at the beginning of May. Grinding and surveying (rail profile and corrugation) of the rails was finished by the beginning of June 2015, just in time for the Pan American Games.

Work included the elimination of corrugation and re-profiling of the tracks. Due to the heavy downtown traffic and due to the fact the Grinder has very low noise emissions and is able to get off the tracks within max 1 minute to allow streetcars to pass all works were carried out during nights.

Sections of areas that were rehabilitated can be found on Queen Street East & West, Gerrard Street, Broadview Ave and Lakeshore as well as parts of College Ave and Dundas Street West.

The total length that was ground summed up to a total of approx. 6.100 single track meters.

Fact Box Grinder "GRail1"

  • length: 4845mm
  • width: 1900mm
  • height: 2540mm
  • max. axle load rail: 3300kg
  • max. 75dB (A) at 1m
  • Grinding stones: 6, optionally 8
  • Fuel: Diesel, machine and grinding stones propelled by electric motor