The installation of slab track requires a great deal of precision. The Rhomberg Group has played a leading role in this field over the last fifteen years and ensures the continuation of this success through the continuous development of universal installation methods and equipment that are nevertheless technically and economically efficient. The RhoFAS G5 lift and position system is the logical continuation of this development and sets new standards with respect to accuracy, load capacity, shape stability, versatility and handling.


The RhoTAS comprehensive track alignment system adjusts slab track elements placed less than accurately on a subconstruction step by step to produce a precisely aligned and supported track panel. By taking into account the behaviour of the installed track, the stresses that would otherwise arise can be reduced at a convenient time during the operation. The combined use of individual modules of the RhoTAS track alignment system ensures the work proceeds efficiently and follows a set routine.


The versatile switch adjustment system, RhoSAS, was designed for fine adjustment of different kinds of slab track switches. The know-how, results and experiences gained over the past years were implemented into the development of the new RhoSAS. Nevertheless, slab track projects are never identical and give rise to individual challenges, which must be addressed individually and creatively.

RhoSAS will be adapted by Rhomberg Rail specifically to these particular project requirements before delivering to the client. Therefore, any changes or adjustments on the system structure made on the construction site are not advisable, because it may affect the functionality and hence the quality of results to one’s detriment.