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The PALAS system is based on a laser trolley attached to the front of the tamping machine replacing the ‘A’ trolley. It continuously measures track position in three dimensions according to fixed reference points (TCM’s usually attached to OHWS) along the track, using forward facing lasers with a military standard gyrocompass calculating an absolute orientation. PALAS is used on plain lines and in switches. Like the EM-SAT system, the track correction values are calculated by comparing the measured position against the absolute track design geometry.


VERSINUS us a newly developed pre-survey system for tamping projects with an outstanding automatic performance. A core component of the measurement equipment is an automatic total station, mounted at one of the trolleys or on a tripod. Two inclination sensors (in longitudinal and transversal direction) and the gauge sensor are the heart of the electronic part. The whole measurement is controlled by software running on a tablet-PC. The communication between tablet PC and sensors is enabled by WiFi.


This track measuring device weighs approximately 12kg, can measure distances of up to 10m and includes measured data storage with the data able to be transferred to a computer.  Mephisto is specifically designed for:

  • profile measurements
  • overhead wire measurements
  • fixed point measurements
  • cant measurements
  • can be used for metre, standard and broad gauge tracks
  • can be dismounted
  • wireless data transfer.