//Hi-Rail Grinding Machines

The Rhomberg Sersa Rail Grinder, short “GRAIL1”, is a road/rail compact size grinding machine for use in public transport networks.
General purpose of the grinding unit is grinding of main tracks as well as certain areas of turnouts with rotating stones, contact grinding and removal of corrugation (short wave corrugation) and particular defects such as squats, head checks and pitting’s. It is possible to treat Vignol rails of different strength classes. Furthermore grooved rails may be treated as well. The grinding process works entirely without water.

The machine was designed in a manner to be small and flexible, to be transported easily and bear special advantages on low maintenance costs, simple operation, high reliability and grinding quality.

Once in tandem, one machine will become the lead machine from where the operator operates the entire grinding process. Additionally, the operator will be able to monitor the grinding process not only from the cabin, but also from the outside via a hand held tablet.

An additional feature will be the turnout grinding package which will enable us to grind turnouts in 40 to 45 min. 



"G-Rail Tandem"